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There are different types of healthcare providers that are involved in different sectors such as primary care, nursing care and specialty care. People are usually involved with the same healthcare provider for a long period of time and are comfortable with them. These professionals are trained to provide individuals and families with the best care and treatment methods.

Healthcare providers are generally known as primary care providers or PCP’s. These are usually physicians but can also be a physician’s assistant or a nurse who works under the direction of a physician.

Family Practice and Internal Medicine Physicians

Primary care providers can include both family practice physicians and internal medicine physicians. Both these types of physicians have attended medical school and served a three-year residency. Both the focus of their residency is different. Family practice physicians focus on caring for the entire family, while internal medicine physicians focus only on adults and their various conditions. Both types of PCP’s treat various conditions and illnesses, provide wellness and preventive healthcare and conduct screenings and physical exams.


These are physicians that are trained to care for newborn babies, infants, children and adolescents. They provide preventive care and treat children who might be injured or ill. These doctors can usually specialize in childhood diseases and growth problems.


These doctors specialize in the female reproductive system. Women sometimes use their gynecologists as their primary healthcare providers. These doctors are trained to care for women during pregnancy and childbirth. They also manage issues or disorders related to the female productive system.

Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners

Many primary care physicians also use the term Advanced Practice Providers (APP’s). These are trained nurse practitioners or assistant physicians who provide care for patients under the supervision of a Physician. They provide care, can prescribe diagnostic tests and medication. A physician assistant can specialize in many medical fields, such as family medicine.